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Home Base: A Tarot Journey

in a Pandemic 


When I discovered a Polaroid Mio at a thrift store, I was excited to document the future  – to capture my family going on adventures together, celebrating special events, and taking trips to new places. But then a pandemic happened.

Our everyday challenges facing us feel different – there are new questions to ask: Where do I go when I can’t go anywhere? What do I do with all this time? Who am I when I’m alone?

I began processing these questions a bit differently: through the camera lens.


I turned my Mio toward the stillness accompanying this time – From drinking cups of coffee on the front porch to aimlessly shooting basketballs on a boarded-up hoop, I witnessed moments of humor, thoughtfulness, serenity, chaos, anxiety, and joy as my family and I began to navigate life without the outside world.

As each exposure developed, I found myself mentally-assigning the image to a card from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. Over 150 prints later…

This collection has culminated into a 78-card documentary tarot deck, called Home Base.

Home Base was funded on Kickstarter for $6,472 on July 9, 2020 

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